Islamic relief works for Syria… We must help

Asssalaamu alaykum..

please read the article below and visit the web site.
When  my husband and me read it  we broke down crying reading about the dog like life, poverty,, massarce, rape, plunde, etc., our brothers and siters have top go through.
At the hands of the shia goverment, being chopped up like a pig, chaste away from their homes like rats, dined food and basic medical treatments like prisoners  .
A sister discovered her missing 23 year  old son send back to her, chopped up mlike a BBQ meat, his head split in 2 parts.Her other son, 36, is still missing.
A husband woke up finding his wife and 2 daughters bled to death after their throats had been cut. He fleed to syrie refugee camps which house about 1 000 000 muslims. Mainly widows and corphans!
This muslim relief work, which surely will be branded sooon as a terrrorist organisation as it supports muslims in need( it happens all  the time that america and the West brad such relief organisations terrosist organisation who support terrism, etc.) could deliver 17 000 food donated  parcels for around 1 000 000 people. Yes. you read right.
1 BREAD per day is given out by other relief organisatios for 1 000 000 people. Its one flat bread, or whatever type of bread a day.
People have nothing to drink. Tehy drink puddle water of the street after a rain or of e leaked sewer pipe.
Women sharing homes with 6 to 10 other women and children, as they lost their husbands and sons and broters.
Girls and women become prostitutes to make needs ends because their male relatives are dead, killed, abducted or disabled or to old,  as their brothers and sisters forgot them and  do not eve make dua for them,
Now look at our needs, growig children, sick, eldery, weak.. And we will all realize its far not enough…
WE , as one part of this ungrateful and transgressing  ummat, are so fortunate to have 1 to 2 loaves of fresh bread every day, if not cereal, fresh milk, honey, dates, etc., despite li8veing in apoor and filthy and reckless counrty which follows the same fate as the other muslim countries.
To even just have an X ray is impossible i syria, they want a whoopig 55 brithish punds for just a Xray!
Its our waajib obligatio to assit our brothers a sisters in need at least with dua during Tahajjud when the rest of this world is asleep.
We have to teach our children and ouselves gratefulness, humblenessuslim, the simple life style of a Muslim and Islam and practise upon Islam’s commadments to proteect us all from such a fate and to stop hakering after this cursed Dunya and to do shukr for every breath we can take, for every drop of water we can drink
Wa salaam
According to the UN, at least 100,000 people have been killed in Syria’s brutal conflict. Over four million have fled their homes, and an estimated 1.7 million have flooded out of the war-torn country. Here, one family talks about their experiences.

“I came to Jordan illegally and was sent to Al Zatari camp,” said Nariman Al Rabdawi, who is from Dar’a, Syria. “My husband was sick, and his health problems worsened due to the bad condition in the camp. Because of that, we had to go back to Syria where he died of pancreatic cancer.

“After that, I came back legally with my two daughters – one is six, the other seven years old. With us came my sister and her husband who is also sick.

“There’s no source of income for any of the families. We are fortunate enough to be among the beneficiaries of the WFP food vouchers Islamic Relief that is distributing regularly for Syrian refugees. The total value for all the vouchers our family is receiving is about JD92 ($129), which is about JD12 ($15) each.

“The truth is, whatever money we have is loaned from people. It is a heavy burden in this already difficult life. I tried to search for a job, but unfortunately I can’t find one. To make it even worse, my brother-in-law is sick and can’t work even if he wants to, which makes it my obligation to find a job.

“Islamic Relief Jordan has been truly helpful. Alhamdulillah, everything we need from food items are available, but at the same time we also need cleaning materials and hygiene kits since the project does not provide that.

“For now, I think about my daughters. I need to work so that I can provide for my family and my sister’s family.”
“I first went to Al Zaatari Camp in April,” said Wael, Nariman’s brother-in-law. “I was injured in one of the riots that were going on in Syria. My leg wound got infected so bad that it had to be amputated up to the knee. Then I had to get treatment in Jordan, that’s why I came here.

“Because of my current condition, I couldn’t use the pit toilets which are the only option in the camp. It may be petty to some, but that’s the reason why I had to leave Al Zaatari camp.

“I have a 12-year old son and an 8-year old daughter, who are now both in school. We live now from the kindness of people’s heart and from borrowing money.

“Our house rent costs JD200 a month, and I swear I don’t have anything to pay for it. I don’t eat and I don’t drink… if it wasn’t from the food voucher project, we could have been dead from hunger by now.”




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