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What Islam is Not!



This is one of my very old write-ups.


I was curious, so I did a google search, to find if this is listed.


To my sadness, I found lots of links that present Islam in an abusive language. Allah Kareem!


Today, amid a growingly aggressive and Islamophobic media, there is need to present Islam as it is. 


Thought of re-posting this with some modifications for the benefit of my readers.


* Not an invention of Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم but the Glorious Revelation of Almighty Allah.

* Not a ‘religion’ among other religions but a Unique Way of Life, the Clear Code of Conduct from the Maker to the made.

* Not an emotional belief cut off from the realities of life but the Divine Guidance that is life in itself.

* Not a tradition of a bygone era to be labeled as out-dated but the Natural Way that continues to be post-modern in every age.

* Not a chilly creed to be locked in lifeless souls but a Revolutionary Creed that breathes life into souls making them brave & courageous, dignified & respectful.

* Not designed to make people extremists or terrorists but perfectly fine-tuned to establish peace, justice and brotherhood among mankind.

* Not a call to become ascetic, to shun the world but a call to use the world, to explore the universe, to live in the thunder and rhythm of life.

* Not a bunch of beliefs that deny women of their rights but the World’s Pioneer that honored women by liberating them and giving them their human rights.

* Not addressed to a sect, a nation or a race but addressed to all sects, all nations, to entire humanity.

* Not meant for giving temporary solutions but meant for providing lasting solutions.

* Not just designed to provide regional and national solutions but designed and destined to provide solutions at the global level as well.

* Not directed to solve only a part of the problem but directed to solve the totality of the problem.

* Not against any community or religion but Against All Kinds of Oppressors and violations.

* Not interested in changing man’s outer look but interested in transforming man’s inner self.

* Not a ‘private affair’ between God & man, nor an isolation from the society but a system that is powered to prevail in the society over all kinds of falsehood.

* Not leading its followers to the narrowness of mosques but an Inspiration to spread, far & wide, into the vastness of the globe extending the wings of its healing message to a spiritually-challenged humanity.

* Not in its nature to show mirages but the Divine Light that brings forth man from the depths of darkness to the glowing Light of Truth.

* Not just an alternative to ‘consider’ but the Only Way Out, the Only Hope of mankind.

Jazakallaahu Khayra for reading this post.


Note”” the respev\ctive brother is correct. The kuffar have so much hate tpoward Islam in theirs hearts that they bite of the tips of their fingers.

The hate thei have in theri hearts toward the Haqq is worse than the act they portay against Islam openly.

That’s exactly how my family , and modernijst muslims,  feels and thinks about me after my conversion , practising my religion in accordance and struggle for Him Ta’ala, leaving my country of birth.




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