looking at dead wife’s face

Looking at the deceased wife’s face

Q: Does a husband become ‘ghair mahram’ when his wife dies and cannot see her face?


A: After the demise of the wife, the husband is allowed to look at the face of his wife. However he is not allowed to touch her body.

And Allah Ta’ala (الله تعالى) knows best.

و يمنع زوجها من غسلها و مسها لا من النظر اليها على الاصح. و قالت الائمة الثلاثة يجوز. (الدر المختار)

Answered by:

Mufti Zakaria Makada

Checked & Approved:

Mufti Ebrahim Salejee (Isipingo Beach)



2 comments on “looking at dead wife’s face

  1. Salaam,

    And where is the daleel for this? Why can’t a husband not be able to touch his wife’s body? Where is the hadeeth backing this or the Quranic verse? I would like to know.


    • Wa alaykumussalaam respected sister.

      The daleel is in the answer and can be sen in the arabic quotation. It’s in Shami..

      After the death of the wife, the wife is no longer mahram to the husband as their bond of nikah ended through her death. So she becomes a ghair mahram.

      Generally a man can’t look at ghair mahram woman’s face as it stirres up lust.

      But since the women is dead the chances of lust are very low , or non existent( except if one is one of thgose perverted ….)

      Some ulema even state its haraam to look at the wife’s dead face altogether as their is absolutely o nikah bond due to her death.

      Therfore, due to the ,mentioned points above, the husband is not allowed to touch her , neither give her ghusl.

      ÍakÐm al-Ummat MaulÁnÁ Ashraf ÝAlÐ ThanawÐ (d. 1943) writes in BeheshtÐ Zewar:
             ! “#   $ %& ’ &   

      7     ! “# ( ’ )*’ 
      Trans. If the wife passes away it is impermissible for the husband to touch her body or limbs,
      however, it is permissible for him to see her and he is also able to touch her on top of the
      cloth [i.e. the shroud or any other piece of cloth].
      The quote from MÁrÁqÐ al-FÁlÁÎ above (#3) can also be found in this book on the same page.
      7 Ashraf ÝAlÐ ThanawÐ, Beheshti Zewar, (Dehli: MuqÐm Book Depot, n.d.) 2:115. Ashraf ÝAlÐ ThanawÐ, AghlÁÔ
      al-ÝAwÁm, (KarachÐ: Zam Zam Publishers, n.d.), p. 212.

      Contemplation: notice that he is allowed touch her providing there is piece of cloth which
      inhibits skin to skin contact.

      The former grand Mufti of Pakistan, Mufti RashÐd AÎmad LudhyÁnawÐ (d. 2002) writes
      in his well researched FatÁwÁ, AÎsan al-FatÁwÁ:

      بينوا توجروا 5  

      قال في التنوير: ويمنع زوجها =    > 

      من غسلها ومسها لا من النظر إليها على الأصح وهي لا تمنع من ذالك (رد المحتار) فقط والله
      أعلم 8
      Trans. Question: If any of the spouses pass away will it be permissible for the other spouse to
      see and touch the deceased. Can he/she pick up the funeral bier or lower him/her into the
      grave? Please explain you will be reciprocated [by AllÁh].

      Answer. The wife can do all [of the above]. The husband can only see his wife, he cannot
      bathe her, and he also cannot touch her without a barrier [i.e. cloth]. He can pick up her
      funeral bier and lower her into the grave. [Here the author quotes the same passage from Durr
      al-MukhtÁr quoted above # 1]. And AllÁh knows best.

      for futher question the respective Aalim who issued the fatawa, see bottom of the post, can be reached at the site muftionline and also ypuncan ask for further questions you can ask Mufti A.S. Desai at muftis@themajlis.net and mujlisululema@gmail.com


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