Egyptian destruction

assacre in Egypt & Deobandees (Part 3)

Asslamo Allaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh,

First and foremost, everyone reading this should make dua for our Brothers & Sisters in Egypt for Allah (SWT) to protect the believers, their life, their honour, their trust and their wealth and to give the highest status in paradise to those who have passed away (Ameen).

Secondly, this is my opinion of the state of the Deobandees in the West based on my limited experience and understanding and I am liable to error. It is your right to disagree, Insha’Allah.

Please recap Part 1

Please recap Part 2

Since I am neither a Scholar nor knowledgeable I have no choice but to consult Scholars and to draw upon life experiences to make sense of prevailing circumstances/situations. Two of the strangest anecdotes of my life are as follows.

At a wedding, a Shaykh once told us that the Arabs regard Sayyidina Muawiyya (RA) as one of the most accomplished and seasoned politicians. Sayyidina Muawiyya (RA) handling of political crises and his tactics are a lesson for us even today. Shaykh explained that Sayyidina Muawiyya (RA) once said that the connection between a leader and his people is nothing but a think feeble thread and when the people slacken the leader must pull (slightly) and when the people pull the leader must slacken (slightly) and it’s a very delicate balance otherwise the thread will break! Shaykh went on to elaborate that this is exactly how a Muslim husband should treat his wife to us youngsters.

My father died of brain cancer and by the time I arrived at the hospital after his surgery he was already in Coma (and didn’t recover until he passed away a few months later).  During his coma he of course was not reacting towards any stimuli except for when in the hospital I mentioned “Muhammad (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassalllam)” by itself without the salutations and he came out of the coma said the following and then went back into coma:

?درور پڑھ یہ تیرے باپ کا نام ہے کیا

Send salutations; is this the name of your father?

My father wasn’t a particularly religious man but like the overwhelming majority of people from South Asia he had immense reverence and utmost love for not only Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) but anything and everything associated with him.  If this is the state of the laymen then you can imagine the state of the Ulamah and deobandi Ulamah and Mashaykh have demonstrated absolute love and devotion towards anything and everything associated with Sayyidina Rasul-ullah (Sallallaho Alaihe Wassallam) including the Haramain in Saudi Arabia.

The (robbers) of Saudi Arabia have always exploited this emotional link (and devotion) since the beginning. When the ottoman Empire was destroyed a stunned silence of disbelief shadowed the Muslim Ummah, such an event had never occurred in the history of Ummah; Muslims were rudderless! It took nearly four (4) years for the Muslim ummah to wake up and the first Caliphate conference was setup in Cairo in May 1926. Abd al-Aziz ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia decided to schedule a rival conference in Makkah a month later (knowing well that the delegations won’t be able to attend both due to travel constraints of the time). Ulamah of Deoband due to affinity to Haramain decided to attend the Makkah conference; the issue of Khailafah is unresolved even today. Events are very cleverly manipulated to gain public sympathy and to mould public opinion using wide spread public love and devotion to the Haramain.

When President (General) Pervez Musharraf ordered the 2007 Jamia Hafsa massacre, at the height of it when public opinion was turning against the dictator a special visitor arrived in Pakistan. This guest was none other than Shaykh Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais (HA) who made public dua for President (General) Pervez Musharraf, walked with him hand in hand and led Salah at various places; public pressure against President (General) Pervez Musharraf successfully brought down a few notches.

Birds of a feather flock together!

The same Shaykh Abdul Rahman Ibn Abdul Aziz as-Sudais (HA) in 2013 triumphantly sang eulogies of his “King” and  denounced Ikhwwanul-Muslimeen in Egypt as terrorists in his Friday Sermon.  King Abdullah of Saudia is no different than his predecessors and Shaykh as-Sudais (HA) is no different then his!

Deobandees will not utter a word regarding either because they consider any objection to the diabolical political shenanigans of either a matter of Aqeedah which cannot be disagreed with. The outbursts of Shaykh as-Sudais (HA) was so bad that it prompted even  a devout Salafi like Shaykh Abu Eesa (HA) couldn’t keep silent about it!

Deobandees have cooperated with Saudi Arabia since the Makkah conference of 1926 until now and their reward has been these Fatwaas on the premier Saudi website (islam-qa):

  1. Fatwa regarding Deobandis
  2. Fatwa against Fadaa’il al-A‘maal

The moment the news of a visit of an “Imam of Haram” breaks, frenzy takes over in the Deobandi circles and they travel from an end of the country to catch Maghrib Salah behind the Imam. Links for watching (live and recorded) Khutbahs are exchanged through social media sites and forums threads are made sticky.

Moreover, in UK Deobandees have taken it to the next level by following Saudi moonsighting, a good friend of mine told me that years ago he called his local Mosque to enquire about the start of Ramadhan and the person on the phone responded, “Our Qiblah is in Saudi Arabia so we follow Saudi Arabia in moonsighting!”; my friend hadn’t even asked for whom they follow he merely wanted to know the start of Ramadhan. It is not uncommon in UK to equate following Saudi Arabia in moon sighting to be an integral part of Muslim Aqeedah and a manifestation of love for Haramain and this can be seen in the monthly newsletters posted on most (Saudi following Mosques). Fiqh of Imam Abu Haneefa (RA) has a position on global moon sighting (anywhere on the globe) and nothing specific on moon sighting of Haramain let alone Saudi Arabia!

This conveniently takes me to the second part of this blog…

Most deobandees consider Salafees as a monolithic group and are unaware of any divisions. Many of our older Gujrati brothers even call them Salaf”s” instead of Salaf”ees”. Salafees come in all shapes and variations but the worst ones are Madkhalees (of the followers of Rabee’ Ibn Haadee ‘Umayr al-Madkhalee (HA)) in our times. Most of the angry young men and women of our times who are associated with Salafees are by and large Madkhalees or graduates of the infamous Madina university he was the former head of one of the departments.

Most Deobandees only know of the rejection of Madhabs and the rudeness of Madkhalees. However, what they don’t know is in context of our discussions:

  1. It was the Madkhalee inspired Al-Nour party which broke apart from the Islamic party in Egypt and supported General el-Sisi triggering wide spread massacre of Muslims
  2.  Madkhalee Scholars in Saudia & beyond continue to attack the innocent Muslims being slaughtered in Egypt!
  3. Madkhalees are foremost in cooperating in the war on Terror
  4.  Madkhalee support the King (rulers) in Saudia who in turn support them and cycle continues

It is difficult to go into details of different kinds of Salafees but a Salafi well known amongst Deobandees is Shaykh Abdullah Azzam (RA), to the  UK Deobandees Shaykh (Dr) Haitham al-Haddad is also well known so It is time to ditch this one size fits all “Salafi contextualisation” and recognise that not all Salafees are the same… Egyptian crisis has opened the eyes of even the most ardent Salafi supporters and the mask has been ripped from the faces of Madkhalees.
Lastly, I would like to state that there is a thin and feeble thread cbetween the laymen and the Ulamah. News and analysis spreads far and wide and people are no longer willing to merely swallow their information. Our youngsters are browsing the web and asking awkward questions, a young man called me a few weeks ago and asked why are there so many “Anti-Deobandi” Fatwaas from Saudi sources? Why do our Ulamah and Mashaykh host these Saudi guests, don’t they know about these Fatwaas?

I directed him to our Shaykh (Mufti) A.S. Desai (HA) as he appears to be the only one recognising thepolitical games of the Saudi regime, almost all of the rest of the Deobandees seem to condemn the Salafees (collectively) on one hand and then condone Saudi Arabia, its Government, praise and authenticate its Scholars (on good and bad) on the other.

It’s time for the Deobandees to evaluate their allegiances lest the laymen turn away in droves like what is happening to Madkhali’ism (worldwide).  I don’t exactly know what the Madkhali reasons for supporting everything Saudi is but the Deobandees have nothing but love, devotion and respect for the Haramain which drives their love for the Saudees.


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