“The birds’ heads and upper bodies are dragged through a splashing electrified water trough called a “stunner”. This water, which is cold and salted to conduct the electricity, does not actually stun the birds. Its purpose is to immobilize them to keep them from thrashing on the slaughter line and to paralyze the muscles of their follicles so that their feather will come out easily after they are dead.”

Millions of chickens are electrically shocked daily at the chicken-killing facilities in South Africa. While the Shariah prohibits the infliction of any prior slaughter injury, the electrical shocking is a cruel form of injury inflicted on the chickens. Heartless are the people who halaalize this brutal system, and heartless are the people who devour such carrion which reached their table after the infliction of a series of haraam acts of cruelty on the helpless chickens. Almost 80 years ago Hadhrat Maulana Ashraf Ali Thaanvi (rahmatullah alayh) had explained that electrical shocking only immobilizes the animals causing them immense agony long before the actual slaughter takes place. Hadhrat Thanvi had said that acceptance of this kuffaar system of brutality is akin to kufr.


“Still alive, they hang upside down for 90 seconds in a bleed out tunnel where they’re supposed to die from blood loss. However, millions of birds do not die and many drown in pools of blood when the conveyer belt dips too close to the floor. Dead or alive, the birds are then dumped into tanks of scalding water. According to a former slaughterhouse worker when chickens are scalded alive, the “flop, scream, kick, and their eyeballs pop out of their heads. They often come out of the other end with broken bones and disfigured and missing body parts because they’ve struggled so much in the tank.” (United Poultry Concerns)

This is not an exclusively American phenomenon of brutality. It takes place daily at the chicken-killing plants halaalized by the MJC and SANHA. Cruelty is standard and accepted procedure at the chicken plants. Despite the haraam cruelty, the haraam killing system of the kuffaar with all its brutal effects have been issued with ‘halaal’ licences by SANHA and the MJC.

When you sit down to devour the haraam carrion chicken then first reflect on the acts of brutality which the carrion chicken you are about to devour had to suffer in agony.  Reflect on the chicken bleeding to death after improper cutting of its neck vessels, killed without Tasmiyah, the electrical shocking, the pools of blood in which it may have drowned, the scalding water into which the chicken went when it was perhaps alive, the  popping out of its eyeballs in the scalding water, its kicking and screaming in the scalding water in which it gets partly cooked whilst alive with all its najaasat inside its body, its broken bones and disfigurement. After making some muraaqabah (meditation) on these issues, in all likelihood your heart will refuse consent for devouring the carrion of brutality.


“Every chicken is bled out while still sentient. The chickens hang there and look at you while they are bleeding. They try to hide their heads from you by sticking it under the wing of the chicken next to them on the slaughter line. You can tell by them looking at you, they’re scared to death.” (Virgil Butler – Clarification on Stunner Usage.

This is the condition of the chickens which are hung upside down, moved rapidly on a conveyer belt and killed with insufficient cutting of the neck vessels whilst they are hanging upside down. This is the haraam system halaalized by SANHA and the MJC. This is the haraam system which produces the haraam, diseased, rotten carrion which the Muslim public devours with relish. This is the evil system which Rasulullah (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) labelled: Shareetatush Shaitaan (the slaughter of the devil). It is the vile system whose products bear the MJC’s and SANHA’s  ‘halaal’ labels.


“At the slaughterhouse, the birds sit in the trucks without food or water 1 to 9 hours or more waiting to be killed. Inside the plant, in the “live-hang” area, they are violently jammed onto a movable metal rack that clamps them upside down by their feet, Suspending these heavy birds, most of them already crippled, upside down by their feet puts an intensely painful strain on their legs and hips. In addition, many birds are hung by only one leg, adding to their agony.” (United Poultry Concerns)

   While the Shariah incumbently requires the birds to be gently laid down, facing the Qiblah and swiftly slaughtered in isolation from other chickens, the MJC’s and SANHA’s haraam system demands the brutality described above.


The Majlis ulema south africa


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