Hijaab from step parents and in laws


Question: After the death of my father, my husband’s father married my mother. He is therefore, both my father-in-law and stepfather. One day, whilst I was alone in the room, he entered and engaged me in conversation. Then suddenly he grabbed and hugged me. He tried having sex with me. I harshly admonished him and tried my best to physically ward him off. After screaming at him, he withdrew and went to take ghusl. He had groped me very immorally. Now what is the Shariah’s command for us?

ANSWER: When people ignore or scorn the Shariah, then they becomes entrapped in the snares which shaitaan and the nafs prepare for them. The Fuqaha have fourteen centuries ago warned that it is incumbent for a man to maintain a distance from his daughter-in-law and vice versa. The Shariah orders a degree of hijaab for them, and also for a man and his stepmother, and vice versa, and for a man and his stepdaughter, and vice versa.

Whilst these kinds of relatives are mahram of a kind, the fitnah of sexual lust is ever present. If the man had not married the woman who is his wife, it would have been permissible for him to marry her mother. This clearly confirms the presence of the fitnah of lust which is kindled when hijaab is relaxed – when they become too friendly and when they are alone.

Now see what has happened in this case. It is about the worst disaster. Your Nikah has terminated, and never can you ever live with your ‘husband’ as man and wife. There is no way in which your relationship with your now ex-husband can be repaired. The damage is irreparable and perpetual.  In addition to your marriage having ended, the marriage of the devil (your father-in-law/stepfather) with your mother has also perpetually ended. Two marriages have been destroyed for life by the evil Satanism of a man who succumbed to the inordinate lust of his satanic nafs.

Now, regret is of no avail. When the shaitaan (your father-in-law) had perpetrated his villainous immorality, he was fully under the spell of Iblees. When the nafs overshadows the Aql, then a man is incapable of thinking. Imaam Ghazaali said that when a man is overcome with lust – especially filthy lust of this type – then 75% of his brain cells become inoperative. After he has destroyed himself, shaitaan steps aside. The man then comes to his senses, and shaitaan mocks at him while the unfortunate slave of the nafs shed tears. But then it is too late.

When we proclaim the Haqq of the Shariah – what the Fuqaha have ruled – and we say that a female may not travel alone with her father-in-law nor be alone with him, then some satanic ‘molvis’ disgorge considerable rubbish. Now let these moron ‘molvis’ unravel the rot in which these two woman and the devil are trapped.

If you and your mother, because of fear and shame for people, sweep the filth under the carpet and continue to live with your ex-husbands, then know that you will pass the rest of your days in an adulterous union, and the resultant offspring will be illegitimate. Be more concerned of the ultimate humiliation and punishment in the Aaakhirah.

What has happened to you, is happening on a large scale in the community all over the world. Almost total lack of fear for Allah Ta’ala coupled with ignorance of the Shariah induces people to conduct themselves recklessly and to plunge into immorality without any concern for the ensuing terrible consequences in this world and in the Hereafter. It is essential – Waajib – to exercise extreme caution for in-law relatives.



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