Cancel your Waste

Amid all the heart-rending suffering of Muslims all over the world, it is Waajib to cancel all your wasteful expenditures.
Merrymaking functions, madrasah jalsahs, khaanqah jalsahs and wedding functions are not permissible.

The impermissibility is emphasized by the suffering of the Fuqara and
Another extremely wasteful merrymaking excursion is the craze of ‘nafl’ Umrah. Muslims are squandering millions annually in this nafsaani tour whilst labouring in selfdeception by portraying their holiday in the hues of ibaadat.
Besides the waste of huge amounts of money, a range of other sins are committed from the moment of departure from home until the day of return.
Shaitaan has succeeded in ensnaring numerous Muslims with the trap of ‘nafl umrah’.
No one is prepared to reflect to ascertain his/her true motive for undertaking the umrah trip.
Once a man came to Hadhrat Bishr Haafi (rahmatullah alayh) seeking advice on his plan for Hajj.

He said that he had saved up 200 dinars (gold coins) for the Nafl Haj trip.
Hadhrat Bishr asked: “Do you intend to go for a tour or to gain thawaab?”

The man replied that he was in pursuit of thawaab.
Hadhrat Bishr Haafi (rahmatullah alayh) then advised him: Distribute the 200
dinar to ten orphans or ten Faqeers or give it to ten families who find it difficult to
make ends meet. I then assure you of gaining the thawaab of a hundred Hajj.”

Dissatisfied with this naseehat, the man insisted that he had a great yearning for Hajj, and that his heart was set on it.

Hadhrat Bishr said: “It is now clear to me that the source of your income is not lawful. As long as you do not squander the 200 dinars unlawfully, you will not derive pleasure.”
This is the condition of almost everyone who goes today for Umrah.

The objective is never thawaab. It is only to placate and satisfy the desires of the base nafs.

If the intention is thawaab, then obviously the desire will be for greater thawaab obtainable quicker, without difficulty and by spending less, and in a way which does not constrain commission of sins as travelling in this immoral age does.
Performing Ishraaq Salaat isthe equivalent of one Hajj and Umrah.

Satisfying the needs of the suffering servants of Allah has the value of hundreds of Hajj and Umrah.

Looking once with affection towards parents is equal to a Hajj.

Now why would an intelligent Muslim squander R20,000 for a Nafl Umrah and R100,000 for a Nafl Hajj, when he is able to acquire substantially more thawaab sitting in comfort at home and spending substantially less? Undoubtedly, there is a shaitaan lurking in the heart which adorns for man his nafsaani logic and bestial emotions.

The status of those Ulama who go for these pleasure trips with public funds is worse.

They subsist on carrion. Lillah and converted Zakaat funds or ‘gifts’ by wealthy donors have made these Umrah trips fashionable.

Nowadays some Maulanas undertake such wasteful umrah trips twice and thrice

There is no longer khauf (fear) for Allah Ta’ala in the hearts, hence the scholars
have a formidable armoury of interpretation for justifying the waste they indulge in for satisfying their bestial nafs.

In this age we are seeing one of the signs of Qiyaamah about which the Hadith says: “The dunya will be pursued with the amal of the Aakhirah.”

The Ulama are particularly the manifestation of this prediction.


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