“The whole concept of animals being regarded as “surplus” to a farming
industry, is a product of factory farming.

Male calves are surplus to dairy farming, just as male chicks are surplus to the egg-laying industry.

To kill around 90,000 new-born male calves each year is as absurd and mindboggling as to kill 13 million male chicks born into the egg industry annually.

It goes to the heart of factory farming and demonstrates its wastefulness, its callousness, its need for secrecy.

The urgency of a transition to small-scale, community driven, transparent and sustainable farming, cannot be overemphasized.

We as consunmers need to demand this.” (Compassion’s Tozie Zokufa)

The halaalizers of carrion such as SANHA and the MJC are all complicit in the
brutality which is inflicted on animals in factoryfarming.

The hearts of these carrion-halaalizers are harder than rock about which the
Qur’aan Majeed states: “Then your hearts hardened becoming like rocks or even

Verily, from (some) rocks rivers gush forth, while some split open, and water flows therefrom.
Then there are rocks which roll down for the fear of Allah.

And, Allah Is not unaware of what you are doing.” (Aayat 74, Baqarah)
In this aayat, the Qur’aan describes the hardness of the hearts of the Yahood.

This disease of hardness is gnawing the hearts of the cruel molvis and sheikhs of
SANHA and MJC, who halaalize carrion. It causes them not a twinge of conscience to be party to the brutal grounding up of millions of live day old male chicks every year.

The insane craving for money has destroyed their Imaani bearings.


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