Cell phones and Muslim children

The use of cell phones  by children to swap nude pictures of themselves and to indulge in immoral sexually explicit conversations have become an international craze. The morally destructive consequences of  the cell phone, especially for children, is worst than the Satanism of the television.

According to experts in this field, girls are worse offenders than boys. A report on the cell phone evil states: “Also driving the sexting trend is the increased use of  smartphones, as well as celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Khanyi Mbau and Paris Hilton having sex tapes and nude pictures of themselves in circulation.”

Aggravating this Satanism is the almost total lack of moral ta’leem in Muslim homes, and the spiritually ruinous effects of so-called ‘Islamic’ secular schools.

In these circumstances, how can it ever be permissible for parents to provide their children with cell phones? For children cell phones are a free licence  for indulgence in fornication, wide-ranging  immorality and sexual perversion.


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