New spyware o Muslims and others!!!!

assalaamu alykum .


Below is a site which shows and promotes a dangerous spy tool which is and will proberly be used on Muslims>

We reach nearer toward Qiyamat day by day.

The day of qiyamat will come when the technoligy is on its high and now Muslim on this curesed Earth anymore.

Simplicity again will show its benefit.

Nabi sallaahu alayhi wa sallam lived at the best time and had the most simple lifestyle to imagine.

So why do we Muslims of this time need to be like Pharao of the past and own everything a kafir does?

Why does a Muslim need an apple, Ipod or blackberry?

Is a mobile phone not just tpo make calls and write some sms?

Why indulging in all that moral filth and destruction of the Kuffar?


Because we want to be like a Kafir, have everything like a Kafir, dress and eat and live like a Kafir… So we will think, feel and end up like a Kafir!

Wa salaam


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