Saalafism-The Kufr and Shirk of Ibn Tamiyyah




Among the vilest of Ibn Taimiyyah’s beliefs is his hypothesis  of the universe being eternal. By eternity is meant existing independently without having been created. It is a never-ending existence. It has neither a beginning nor an ending. The eternity of the universe is the belief of the Greek philosophers. When Ibn Taimiyyah dabbled with philosophy he lost the path of Islam. He deviated into the  kufr of the Greek philosophers. Their ‘rational’ arguments exercised a profound impact on him. He thus conjectured the belief: hawaaditu la awwala laha, that is, temporal things (things which come into existence from non-existence) have no beginning since they are always preceded by another temporal entity ad infinitum. 

   Although the coprocreep Salafis of our age are desperately labouring to clear Ibn Taimiyyah of this kufr, they fail miserably in the task for the simple reason that in at least seven of his books, Ibn Taimiyyah has explicitly propounded his theory of the eternity of the universe. Ibn Taimiyyah’s theory of kufr has attained the rank of Tawaatur  in Ulama circles. The belated attempts to exonerate Ibn Taimiyyah from his kufr belief must be dismissed with contempt. The evidence to confirm his belief is overwhelming. Al-Baani, the devoted muqallid of Ibn Taimiyyah is the seal  of confirmation. No one can honestly deny the attribution of the kufr concept to Ibn Taimiyyah, when Al-Baani himself conforms it.

We are not the first to refute this kufr of Ibn Taimiyah. Great Ulama of the past have thoroughly debunked the kufr and shirk which Ibn Taimiyyah had promoted with his satanic  hypothesis of the universe  being eternal in species. The coprocreep Salafis stupidly  and monotonously  moan that the great Ulama of the past did not understand the statements of  Ibn Taimiyyah. These stupid coprocreeps labour under the misapprehension that everyone shares in their stupidity. Their contention is ludicrous. They are capable of fabricating  statements of exoneration which they will attribute to Ibn Taimiyyah, but they will not be able to deny what Ibn Taimiyyah propounded in his seven kutub which are published and available. That Ibn Taimiyyah had in fact propounded the theory of the eternity of the universe, is undeniable. The denial of the Salafis is of no consequence and is dismissed with contempt.

This short treatise is based on  the Refutation of Ibn Taimiyyah’s kufr beliefs authored by Shaikh Abdullah Al-Harari. Extracts from his kitaab, Al-Maqaalaatus Sunniyyah fi Kashfi Dhalaali Ahmad Bin Taimiyyah, are presented in paraphrased  form for better comprehension of an English-reading public.

Mujlisul Ulama of S.A.

Jamaadil Ula 1434

March 2013


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