The Loose Brick

‘Umar Ibn ‘Abdul ‘Azeez رحمه الله had a staircase in his home. The staircase had one particular brick which was loose and would shake whenever he used to step upon it.
One day, his servant decided to attach the brick firmly into place.

The next time ‘Umar Ibn ‘Abdul ‘Azeez رحمه الله used the staircase he immediately realized that the brick was no longer loose and asked, “Why does this brick no longer shake?”

The servant replied, “We decided to repair it by attaching it firmly into place.”

‘Umar Ibn ‘Abdul ‘Azeez رحمه الله said, “The loose brick served as a gentle reminder to me. Whenever I stepped onto it I would remember the Bridge of Siraat, and declare, ‘O Allaah! When I am afraid of a small brick falling from a staircase, how will I be able to cross the Bridge of Siraat?'” [Jawaahir Paare, vol 1, p169]

Such is the insight of the righteous. They understand the deeper meanings of life which are beyond the material pleasures of this world.


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