Valentines Day.. Yehhh


By Roman Ahsan [Feb 14, 2013]
We here at “TOGETHER WE RISE!” do believe in love, compassion, mercy, care, forgiveness and tolerance. But we do not deem it necessary to drown ourselves in events like Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day etc. By celebrating these events we are basically “limiting” our God-gifted domains of love. Though we are full of faults ourselves and there is good and bad in everyone regardless of faith, someone rightly retorted that how ironic it is that the same people who leave their parents in old homes when they need the most care (though there are many exceptions to this custom) would like to make us believe that celebrating such events can make us more loving. Is it not meaningful to keep a check on us as to which trends in the Western World are really healthy for us to copy and practice rather than blind emulation of everything?
Nature intends love to reside deep inside in our hearts and for us to manifest it to all beings around us. It is easy to express it to members of opposite gender on a single day than to care for your parents on a continuous basis when people do not want them around. And it should be kept in mind also that the poor people need our share of love too through any form of help or guidance.
Life is a jigsaw puzzle; let’s not confuse it further and define who we really are. It is time to keep our head high and be proud to be Muslims and Pakistanis. And before everything, let’s celebrate the lessons of humanity as we primarily need to be good human beings (with our identity as Muslims, the benchmark) to cast an influence in this world!

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