The system of Modesty & Chastity in Islam

 The system of Modesty & Chastity in Islam

Adultery, A big injustice:

Keeping in view the social mischief brought into form. by adultery, Allah, the Exalted, has treated this sin only one stage lower than murder. This is not murder but in its evil effects on society it is equal to murder. While counting the good qualities of His obedient servants, Allah, the Exalted, has made a mention of this evil to be avoided by the righteous servants of God. He says:
“(The obedient servants of Rehman are those) who do not call any Deity besides Allah, who do not murder any person made unlawful until there is a legal justification; and they do not indulge in adultery or fornication; and whoso indulges in such vices, he shall meet suitable punishment.” (S. 25: V: 68)
The above quoted verse clearly explains that adultery is as much a heinous crime as polytheism, infidelity be forgiven or pardoned without proper repentance and atonement. The above verse continues to read:
‘The punishment of a person indulging in adultery and fornication shall be increasing moment by moment on the Day of Judgment and he shall dwell in it for ever.” (S-25:V.69)