The evil morons of this Ummah-the matric girls of 2012

Whilst Nabi Salallaahu alahi  wasallam instructed the women to stay within the confines of their homes, girls of this Zamaanah (time) passed their matric exams like flying devils.

To put  the salt on the open wounds, they were interviewed, congratulated and encouraged to study further by the evil Devil Radios.

Principals of various schools were interviewed and congratulated. Girls’ names were mentioned who done exceptionally well.

All of this was done under the sacred name of Islaam. It should be well known to one and  all, girls who passed with Haraam distinctions, have actually passed their test which will allow them to proceed into the bowels of Jahannam.

They have in actual fact gained distinctions in their abode viz. Jahannam.

Every girl who passed is doomed for a terrible reckoning in The Hereafter.

Every girl who did well, did Shaitaan proud. Every girl who got a distinction, be it a ‘g’, degraded the value of Islaam and is permanently under the La’nat (curse) of Allah, His angels and every Nabi.
Shame on the girls who passed.

Theyhave actually failed their test in Hayaa’ (shame). They have failed their test in ‘Ittibaa-e-Nabi (obeying Nabi Salallaahu alahi wasallam), for the Hadith
clearly instructs women to be indoors.

They have failed in ‘Ittibaa-e-Quraan
(following the Quraan), for the Quraan directly instructs the wives of Nabi
Salallaahu alahi wasallam to stay indoors.

Who and what are todays’ women?
Better than the wives of Nabi Salallaahu alahi wasallam?

Don’t they deserve a severer instruction to stay in their homes?
Shame on every girl who passed her matric.

She has actually disrespected Allah and His messenger. She is under the La’nat of Allah and His messenger.

That girl who will further her studies, is guarding her abode in the deeper end of Jahannam.

She is demolishing the shame, respect and character of every Muslim women on the surface of earth.

She will be an ambassador in the demolishing of the Hayaa’ of every Muslimah.

She is disobeying her Rabb-Allah, His messenger and every Nabi.
She is doomed for Jahannam. She is not fit to be called a Muslim women.

She is imitating the Kuffaar Na-Paak women by gaining fruitless distinctions. She is sinful.

She is a Faasiqah and a Faajirah.

And she is a moron, dumb stupid and silly.
Shame on you, O Muslimah, for demolishing the branch of Hayaa’.

Shame on you, O Muslimah, for uprooting the tree of Purdah.

Shame on you, O Muslimah, for causing Islaam to be degraded.
Purdah and Hayaa’, the solid stems of Islaam, were violated in her quest for a stupid matric distinction.

In school, Purdah is an alien friend who is folded and packed away.

In school, Hayaa’ too, is an alien friend, who is not befriended. How can she have Taqwa?

 How can she serve Islaam? How can she do Deen Khidmat?

 No, never will Allah use such a Faasiqah to lead Islaam!

It should be well known, that it is Haraam for Muslim girls who passed their moronic matric year, to hand themselves over to the land of Zina-university.

No Muslim girl, whose Imaan is healthy, will ever be found in a university where every type of sin is apparent.

Those Muslimahs who are found there, their Imaan is very weak and
about to be destroyed.

Know well, O Muslimah, you are supposed to be in your home.

Not be a prostitute and allow yourself to mingle and rub shoulders with every Tom, Dick and Harry.

You not supposed to be braggart for passing your matric.

You supposed to be remorseful, for every young male, Muslim or Kaafir, will view your Purdah demanding name.

Every Muslimah who received a stupid “A”, actually received an “A” for Jahannam. She passed her Jahnnam test and will enter it when she reaches there. She will be dwelling in the fierce,blazing hot fire of Jahannam.

Her “A” will serve absolutely NO purpose to her.

 Her stupid-Jahannam deserving “A” or several distinctions-will be of NO help to her on The Day of Justice.

Nay, Allah will never ask you, O Sister, how many Haraam distinctions you receiver, Allah will ask you how much of His Deen did you strive for to learn.

But Islamic knowledge, unfortunately, is frowned upon. Islamic knowledge is put in the back pocket.

Islamic knowledge, which is the knowledge of the best books on the surface of this earth, the Quraan, is looked down at. It is a backward knowledge.

A Darul-Uloom is not worth to be enrolled in. you will suffer getting a job.

You will suffer in getting wealth. You won’t become wealthy. You won’t see

Never, Wallaah, O Readers,

 ‘lmud-Deen (Islamic knowledge) is ‘Ilmul-Nabi (Nabi’s knowledge).

It is a Moulana that is looked for when you, O Our sister, was born.

It was a Moulana that recited the Azaan in you right ear, O Our sister.

It was a Moulana who recited the Takbeer in you left ear, O Our sister.

It was a Moulana who was asked as to the meaning of your name, O our sister.

It was a Moulana (perhaps) who suggested the best possible name for you, O Our sister.

It will be a Moulana who will be called to perform your Nikaah, O Our sister.

It will be a Moulana who will guide you in your married life, O Our sister.

It will be a Moulana who will advise you with your marital issues, O our sister.

It will be a Moulana who will be asked to make a Ta’weez when you are expecting.

 O Muslim sister, it will be a Moulana  who will play the role of a ‘judge’ between you and your husband when is a dispute, O Our sister.

It will be a Moulana to whom you and your husband will go for Hajj classes, O Our sister.

It will be a Moulana who will make Tahneeq> of your children, O Our sister.

It will be a Moulana whose advises you will follow, O Our sister.

And finally, it will be a Moulana who will perform your Janaazah
Salaah when you become a Marhoomah, O Our sister.

No engineer, lawyer, technician, charted accountant, doctor, specialist, Sargent, politician, official, mayor, professor, chairman or even a boss will be capable of doing the various sacred
duties mentioned above.


Their degrees doesn’t allow them to carry out ANY action WHATSOEVER of the hereafter.

Even if they received seven stupid distinctions, they will not be called to carry out the above duties.

They are not respected when it comes to do ANY of the above.

But that Moulana, who hardly studied till matric, way will be made, his shoes will be put straight and he will be respected at all times by the above mentioned personnel.

Therefore, O Sister, you are running into Shaitaans hole if you attend a Haraam, Zina filled university.

By you obtaining a degree, or passing your matric, you were crawling into Shaitaan’s den, attending a university will show how you are willing to be hooked on Shaitaan’s bait and flung into Jahannam.

O Muslim sister, perhaps no one told you about this, or you were never advised in this manner, therefore, listen at once and save yourself from Jahannam.

Nay, “they have ears yet they don’t listen (to the truth).”

Tell us, O Sister, is there no Zina taking place in the universities? Are young Muslim girls like you, who passed their matric yesterday, not expecting from a Haraam relation today?

Is the Muslims who attend universities Salaah up to date? Do they observe the Sacred Divine Law of Hijaab?

Not the Hijaab which every Mary and Jane observe today, but the true Hijaab which will bring one in close proximity to Allah?

Is there no Haraam intermingling taking place?

Are the classes for males and females completely separate (i.e. not a single male will be seen, heard or spoken to
and vice versa)? Are the lecturers Muslims with a pious background?
If you answer ‘yes’ to ALL of the above, will you prosper in you quest for knowledge. Then your Imaan will still remain intact.

Although your emerging from your home will be Haraam, however
you will not be involved in much (other) Haraam.

If you go further to study, you will ‘display’ you displeasure to Allah for creating you as a woman.

Because it is Fardh upon the males of this Ummat to be the bread winners of their homes.

It is the males who have the potential in the fields of study.

Allah have the ability of studying to the males.

The females, Allah gave them the potential to look after the affairs of the house.

She will cook, feed and take care of her children.

She will know why her child cries she will know when her child is hungry.

Allah gave all of this to the females of this Ummat.

Males don’t know why the child is crying.

Nor will they know when the child is hungry.

And most important, they will be left hungry, together with their children, if the wife doesn’t cook.

If the wife works, where will she get time to cook?

May Allah grant us all the Hidaayat to make ‘Amal on what was written, Aameen.

Was-Salaam  ZA Muslims

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