And another Polio lie and human tracking conspiracy

Pakistanis can’t travel abroad without polio vaccination

Staff Report

QUETTA: Three more polio cases have been reported in Killa Abdullah district of Balochistan on Friday as the report of Independent Monitoring Board (IMB) of the Global Polio Eradication banned Pakistanis from travelling abroad without confirmation of vaccination against poliovirus.

A six-member World Health Organisation (WHO) delegation, comprising of four international and two national experts, led by Muhammadi Muhammad came to Quetta to find polio cases in Balochistan. Muhammad told media that at least four cases of polio have been reported in the province, three of them on November 29 in Killa Abdullah district. He identified two causes for spread of poliovirus – rear virus of polio and the delay of polio campaign. The polio campaign has been delayed for the last two months, he said and added that 10 cases of type 2 have also been detected which are not being considered polio cases by the WHO. Muhammad said three polio campaigns would be launched in three districts of Balochistan – Killa Abudllah, Quetta and Pishin. The campaigns will run from December 10 to 12, December 23 to 25 and January 7 to 9, respectively.


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