I, as a simple Muslim have some puzzling questions regarding the Shias of Iran. If someone can answer these,
then this will be most welcomed.
1. Why only 3 salaat times are mentioned in Tehran Times?
2. Are there any Churches in Tehran and their number?
3. Are there any Temples in Tehran and their number?
4. Are there any Sikh Temples in Tehran and their number?
5. Are there any Fire-Worshippers Temples in Tehran and their number?
6. Are there any Sunni Masjids in Tehran and their number?
Tehran is the Capital of Iran.
7. The Muslims were performing Jumuah Salaat in Tehran at the Pakistani Embassy-does this still go on? Or has it
being stopped? And why?
8. Are there any Hifz Madressahs in Iran? Where? How many? Number of Hafiz that qualified during the last 3 years?
9. Are the Shias performing Taraweeh Salaat in Iran? Where? How many Rakaats? Name some Masjids?
10. In literature from Iran after the name of Hadhrat Fathima – (AS) is written – Is this not only used after the Names of
the Prophets?
11. In the same way (AS) is used after Hadhrat Zainab or the Imams – Is this not special to the Prophets?
12. Moreover why only the mention of Hadhrat Zainab (RA) or Hadhrat Zainab (RA) is made and not the names of the
pious women of Islam like Hadhrat Ayesha (RA)?
13. Why absolutely no mention of Hadhrat Ayesha (RA)?
14. Why no (AS) or (RA) after the name of Hadhrat Khadija (RA)?
15. President Rafasjani stated that Iranian males must engage in “Muta” – temporary marriage–Is this true?
16. What is “Muta”?
17. Do the Shias consider Hadhrat Muawiya (RA) a Muslim?
18. Why do Iranians prostrate on clay blocks?
19. It is written in the Iranian Constitution that only a Shia Ithna Ashari can become President. What about a Sunni
Ahle Sunnat wal Jammat becoming President for the sake of Shia Sunni unity?
20. Did Abu Talib die as a Muslim?
21. We see Iranians during Muharaam and Pakistani;
a. beating their chests-drawing blood;
b. cutting their heads with razors-drawing blood;
c. hitting their chests with chains-drawing blood;
Is all this humane? Or logical? Is Deen so cruel?
22. I am a lay man. Do the Shia have their own Hadith Books?
23. Do they have their own Fiqh – Jafaari Fiqh?
24. Do they extend their Sehri time?
25. Do they delay their Iftaari time?
26. Do they make Masah on leather socks?
27. Do they recite peace and salutations on Hadhrat Abu Bakr (RA)?
28. Do they recite peace and salutations on Hadhrat Umar (RA)?
29. In Madina we see they do not do so, why?
30. Lately in a Iranian show, they played a Azaan having Hadhrat Ali (RA) name in it. Why? What was that addition
31. In their literature why no praise for Hadhrat Abu Bakr (RA)?
32. Similarly why no praise for Hadhrat Umar (RA)?
33. Similarly why no praise for Hadhrat Usman (RA)?
34. Similarly why no praise for the Sahaba in general?
35. If Shia and Sunni is one, then why ask for separate Deeni Syllabus in Pakistan? Why cause riots for this? Why use
force to obtain this?
36. Why have finally approved?
37. Why have separate Majids in Dubai?
38. Why have separate Madressah arrangements in Dubai if Shia and Sunni are one?
39. From any reliable and authentic Shia book prove the following 39 to 48; Taziah in Muharaam?
40. To have a Horse parade in Muharaam?
41. To re-act the scene of Karbala in Muharaam?
42. To act the Passion Play in Muharaam?
43. The wearing of black clothing in the month of Muharaam?
44. The beating of chests in Muharam?
45. The marriage of Qasim at the time of Karabala?
46. The hitting of chests with chests in Muharam?
47. The cutting of heads with razors in Muharam?
48. The additional words in the Azaan?
49. How many daughters did Nabi (SAW) have?
50. Karbala took place on the 10th of Muhraam at Asr time. Why the mourning and groaning from the 1st.?-before the
event? Why terminate on the 10th ? after the event ? Does one mourn before the death of a person or after?

author unknown


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