7 Muharram 1434 (21 November 2012)



The Saudi Embassy in South Africa is advertising the availability of
“80 places for South Africans to study in various universities in Saudi Arabia.” Is it advisable for Muslims to study Islamic education at Saudi universities?


Regarding Islamic education, the Saudi universities propagate and specialize in the deviated Salafi ideology. Whoever takes admission to a Saudi university, lacks in Ilmi Istidaad (academic ability in terms of Islamic Knowledge). Those who study at Saudi universities, invariably return brain-washed and indoctrinated with Salafi’ism.

When they return, they deviously propagate the Salafi ideology under guise of being Hanafis. We have a couple of such slinking characters in our midst who ostensibly proclaim to be Hanafis, whilst in reality are Salafis employed to undermine the Ahlus Sunnah Wal Jama’ah.

We strongly discourage students from proceeding to Saudi Arabia for Deeni studies. The Deen is too precious a treasure, and may not be trifled with as they do at Saudi universities. Every Tom, Dick and Harry who gain a smattering of ‘knowledge’ of the different Math-habs at Saudi universities, run away with the corrupt idea of being a ‘mujtahid’ on par with the Aimmah-e-Mujtahideen.



  1. assalaamu alaykum respected brother.

    Kindly write the Mufti who wrote this article under the mentioned email, found at the head of the article, for any comments and questions.
    Insha Alla you will receive a detailed reply from Hadhrat.
    There are plenty of madaris in Pakistan, NWFP, etc..

    Saudi is far away from anything which could be called attached to the true Islam , sharia and Sunnat.

    Wa salaam


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