Q. The SPCA is proposing post-slaughter stunning of animals for adoption by Muslims. After the animal is slaughtered, then whilst it is still alive, it will be shot/stunned in the head to immediately kill and immobilize it. Is this kind of post-slaughter shooting and stunning permissible in Islam? It is said that the Jews allow this type of stunning.
A. Cruelty inflicted on animals whether prior to or post slaughter is haraam. The Shariah has its own, divine system of Thabah (Slaughter) which does not permit the infliction of any injury whatsoever to the animal before slaughtering it and even after it has been slaughtered as long as there is the slightest movement in it. It is haraam to begin skinning the animal whilst there is still movement in it. After the animal is slaughtered, the Shariah commands that it be left to bleed and attain immobilization of its own accord. The proposed post-slaughter shooting or stunning is haraam. We are not Jews. Their methodology is not a sunnah for us

mujlis ulema south africa


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