Rubbing ta’weez over nude body?


My wife was recently told that she is “affected”. We visited an Aamil and
he gave her the following treatment:
1) ta’weez for water to drink once per day.
2) ta’weez to place in rose-water and sprinkle all over the house.
3) ta’weez (multiple photocopies) to rub over her whole “naked” body, and then to shower. This ta’weez she should burn.

My question is: by knowing that a ta’weez contains a name/names of Allah (swt), and Quranic verses (and numerals based here-on), isn’t this
disrespectful? Me and my wife are feeling very uncomfortable at this rubbing, so much so, that it has caused stress in our marriage. She is entering her period-time, does this mean she shouldn’t touch a ta’weez?

Shouldn’t every ta’weez be handwritten (Hadith) instead of photocopied?, and shouldn’t the handwriting be flowing and neat? Sorry for having to ask you these questions, as the Aamil would not answer me, saying it’s not the right time for me to know and that the jinn would attack me. I am quite distressed and worried at his authenticity.


Ta’weez for water to drink is permissible. Ta’weez to place in rosewater and sprinkle is also valid. A woman in her periods may keep the ta’weez on her provided that it is wrapped or sewn in a cloth so that she will not directly touch it in case it has Qur’aanic verses written on the paper.
Photocopies are also valid although, in our opinion, it is better to write the ta’weez by hand. It is also permissible to burn a ta’weez.

We have strong reservations about rubbing the ta’weez on the naked body of the female if the ta’weez has Allah’s Name or Qur’aanic verses written on it. This item of the amal should not be practised. Tell the aamil to prepare something else instead of having to rub the naked body with the ta’weez on which is written Allah’s Name. If the ta’weez contains only numerals, then it may be rubbed on the naked body.

May Allah Ta’ala grant the sister a complete cure. May He remove the misfortune/evil which is afflicting her. She should make dua in abundance and also recite the three Qul Surahs and Aayatul Kursi in abundfance. If Allah Ta’ala wills, He grants shifa without ta’weezez.


majlis ulema south africa


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