Emergency first aid checklist: Herbs, medicines and tools for holistic medical safety in any crisis

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) In the aftermath of superstorm Sandy, which has devastated many parts of the East coast, we’ve been receiving a flood of calls and emails asking about emergency preparedness items for first aid and natural medicine.

Here, I’ve put together a quick checklist of things you’ll want to acquire (or grow) to add to your emergency medicine collection.

Emergency first aid checklist

• Aloe Vera – Can be used as a topical antibiotic as well as a treatment for burns and skin issues. Can be consumed internally (the gel only) for digestive support and to help eliminate intestinal issues.

• Activated charcoal – As a dietary supplement, activated charcoal can be a true lifesaver. It absorbs poisons! It’s the primary ingredient in the poison treatment liquids used in emergency rooms.

• Baking soda – This simple but miraculous substance has a multitude of uses in personal health and even treatment of many conditions including gout, arthritis, and even some cancer tumors. Read our articles on Baking Soda at:

• Wound clotting products such as Quik Clot. Available at:

• Cayenne pepper tincture – An amazing first aid substance with applications for boosting circulation and even helping heart attack victims.

• Gauze and bandages: You can never have too many, it seems. Available everywhere.

•  hydrogen peroxide: super cheap to acquires and have very long shelf life.  can help clean first aid tools or even light wounds.

• Medical adhesive tape: I cannot emphasize enough how much you’ll need this tape. Buy as many rolls as you can. They store for many years and have a multitude of uses. Get a variety of sizes.

• A good quality emergency knife, preferably a rugged folding knife.

• Tweezers and safety pins: These will be handy in a variety of situations.

• Safety razor blades.

• Cotton-tipped swabs.

• Colloidal silver liquid – Absolutely the single most important first aid item for long-term preparedness and survival. Can be used on the skin as well as internally. A very long history of safe use by tens of millions of people. Superbugs cannot build resistance to silver!

• Colloidal silver first aid gel – A combination homeopathic / silver solution for topical use. In my own home medicine cabinet, this has now replaced all topical antiseptics and antibiotic ointments.

• A tourniquet. I recommend the Combat Application Tourniquet, available here:

• Natural sugar source to treat hypoglycemia. I recommend coconut sugar because it lasts much longer than processed white sugar.

• A magnifying glass. Or better yet, have a wearable magnifier that sits on your forehead, freeing up your hands.

• Non-electric thermometer.

• Sturdy sewing needle and thread.

• High-quality natural soap such as Dr. Bronner.

• Collapsible water container (like a camp sink).

• Have a waterproof container to hold all these first aid items.

We also offer the Herbal Survival Pack from Enerhealth, featuring 10 herbal remedies covering fungal attacks, parasites, bladder cleanse, viral response, a de-stress remedy and more. Available at:

The bottom line: There are a LOT of people in New York City right now who wish they would have thought about emergency medicine before the superstorm hit. Right now, they are prisoners of Manhattan Island, unable to leave the city and unable to acquire supplies. There is no power, no subway system, no emergency response services and no 911 capacity to speak of.

People are on their own, and for many who lived in a state of total denial about reality, they have put themselves into an emergency situation by refusing to prepare: Medically, defensively, and even economically.

Don’t be a victim due to a lack of preparedness. Get prepared now so that when disaster strikes your area, you won’t become a helpless victim needing to be rescued.


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