When Allah Ta’ala  ordered Nabi Musa (alayhis salaam) and
Nabi Haaroon (alayhis salaam) to go  to Fir’oun, He, (Allah
Ta’ala) admonishing them, said:
“Do not be awed by the external garb of Fir’oun, for verily,
his forelock is in My control. He can neither talk, blink or
breathe without My permission. Do not be attracted to whatever
he is enjoying,  for verily, it is nothing but worldly splendour
and adornment (which will perish).
If you desire that I adorn you with worldly splendour
which would convince Fir’oun that his worldly power  cannot
match yours, it is within my power to do so. But I divert your
attention from  that (splendour of the world) and make you to
recoil from it. This is how I deal with My Auliya. I save them
from the bounties of the world like a caring shepherd protects
his flock from dangerous pastures. I distance My Auliya from
the delights of this world like a camel herd protects his camels
from deceptive places.
This I do to them not because they are insignificant to Me,
but so that they can receive from the bounties which I have
treasured for them (in the Aakhirat).
For My Sake, My Auliya adorn themselves with humility,
fear, devotion and piety which sprout from their hearts and
become manifest on the bodies. These are the attributes of their
garments which they don; their inner being which they
perceive; their salvation with which they attain their goal; their
hope with which they desire; their grandeur with which they are
proud, and their salient  mark with which they are recognized.
    If you meet them, be humble to them. Submit your heart and
tongue to them. Whoever threatens My friend, has declared war
on Me. I shall exact vengeance on his behalf on the Day of

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