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18 Ramadhaan 1433 – 8 August 2012

In Durban ‘Pork’ polony packed in ICSA-certified wrappers has been discovered by an irate brother who is now calling for a boycott of the outlet, Mighty Meats, which stocked the halaalized ‘pork’ polony.
ICSA’s molvi and Mighty Meats have defended themselves by claiming that it was a labelling error. MJC and SANHA too had made similar claims when pork had surfaced with their ‘halaal’ certification.

Whilst ICSA argues that the product does not contain any pork, the fact remains that it is haraam for Muslims to purchase and consume meat products sold by non-Muslim outlets. Mighty Meats is a non-Muslim business-house. More than ICSA and the other haraam certificate vendors, Muslim consumers are blameworthy. These vile ‘halaal’ certificate purveyors are mercenaries whose sole objective is the haraam boodle. This abominable trade of haraam certificates is very lucrative, hence the issue of halaal-haraam is not their concern. But, Muslim consumers are the ones who ultimately devour the rotten carrion and the pork which are certified by the satanic ‘halaal’ certificate vendors.

If Muslims consume pork and carrion meat and rotten chickens on the basis of a stupid, deceptive ‘halaal’ marking on a wrapper, then they have only themselves to blame.

The issue of ‘labelling errors’ is old and stupid hat. The fact is that there is absolutely no Muslim supervision as the Shariah requires. The occasional popping in by a stupid molvi/sheikh is not supervision. With their occasional visits they dupe the Muslim public. The objective of their exercise is only to fleece money from the business sector. Such ‘errors’ have led to Muslims consuming pork. The MJC-ORIENT PORK debacle will still be fresh in the minds of the haraam-consuming public whose only concern appears to fill their bellies with carrion, hence they only require a stupid, deceptive ‘halaal’ logo to halaalize pork and carrion.

Muslims who purchase meat products from non-Muslims on the basis of ‘halaal’ logos and ‘halaal’ certificates have no right of throwing up tantrums when they discover pork products labelled ‘halaal’ by ‘error’. The ‘error’ is a lesser sin – a substantially lesser sin – than the capital sin of buying meat products from non-Muslim outlets. Muslims who consume meat acquired from non-Muslims should not lament and lambast the Satanist ‘halaal’ certificate vendors. Those who buy and consume meat products from non-Muslims have no valid argument against the mercenaries who prostitute the Deen for their pecuniary objectives. It is no use and it is unintelligent to blame the devil for sins we perpetrate.

Those who devour the halaalized carrion and pork labelled ‘halaal’ by ‘error’ are like the inmates of Jahannum who will blame and abuse the devil and their evil leaders who had duped and misled them. Regarding such unfortunate people who will present the argument of having followed confounded mis-leaders, the Qur’aan states:
“If only you could see the occasion when the transgressors will be
standing before their Rabb! Each one will be passing the blame
to the other. The lesser morons will say to the bigger morons: “If
it were not for you, we would have been Mu’mineen’.

The bigger morons will say to the lesser morons: ‘What! Did we
prevent you from the guidance (of the Deen) after it had reached
you? In fact, you (morons) are all criminals.’

The lesser morons will respond: ‘In fact, it was your scheme day
and night when you instructed us to commit kufr with Allah and
ascribe partners unto Him.’

However, they will suppress their remorse (their regret will be of
no avail) when they see the Punishment. And, We shall shackle
their necks with yokes (of iron and fire). They will be thus
recompensed only for what they had perpetrated.”
(Saba’, Aayaat 31 -33)

The consumers of halaalized carrion and pork come fully within the scope of the abovementioned Qur’aanic verses. The fate of the kuffaar portrayed in these aayaat will also be the fate of those who devour haraam meat products acquired from non-Muslim outlets. On the Day of Qiyaamah when the consumers of halaalized carrion and pork are hauled in the Divine Court, their blaming ICSA, MJC and SANHA will not avail. Eating haraam meat and pork on the basis of ‘halaal’ certificates issued by these miserable ‘halaalist’ shayaateen is not a mitigating circumstance. The devourers of haraam meat products are in reality in cahoots with ICSA, MJC and SANHA who are able to promote their haraam carrion trade in view of the support of the carrion-consuming Muslim public.

So whilst the ‘halaal’ certificate purveyors are the ‘big morons’ stated in the Qur’aanic verses, the consumers of the halaalized rotten, carrion meats, chickens and pork are the ‘lesser’ or ‘smaller’ morons. Passing the blame to the ‘big morons’ will not exculpate the ‘small morons’ from their sin of consuming haraam carrion and pork.



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